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Updated 02-06-12. Below is a collection of frequently asked questions about Ui-Cha! Pho, our menu items and products, our customer service philosophy, and everything else related to Vietnamese pho noodle, Vietnamese iced coffee, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, and Vietnamese cuisine in general. We welcome more questions, the more the merrier. Leave your questions in the “Leave a comment” section at the bottom of this page.

How do you pronounce Ui-Cha! and what does it mean?

How do you pronounce pho?

How does Vietnamese cuisine compare to mainstream Asian cuisine?

What is the difference between Vietnamese iced coffee and the stuff I can get at McDonald's?

What is it about Ui-Cha! that a customer will choose you over the other competitors?

Does all of Vietnam eat the same types of food?

How do you plan on getting fresh veggies and herbs during the winter months?


What exactly is in fish sauce? How is fish sauce made?

How do you make the broth for the vegan pho?

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