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Ui-Cha! Pho and Ca-Phe Opens at the University of Montana, Missoula

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Ui-Cha! Pho and Ca-Phe is bringing Vietnamese pho to Montana and will officially open this Fall Semester at the University of Montana, Missoula. We’ll be located in the Food Court in the the University Center, on the second floor.

As demonstrated by the very capable Pei in the back kitchen at right, we hope to help feed many hungry students at UM with authentic and delicious Vietnamese pho in the coming months and beyond.

Pei demonstrates the proper technique to wolf down an XXL bowl of beef phoPei demonstrates the proper technique to wolf down an XXL bowl of beef pho

Ui-Cha! believes in offering a simple, yet healthy and tasty menu for the campus community. Initially the Ui-Cha! menu will include 3 types of pho – the popular beef pho, the healthier chicken pho, and the ultimate of healthiness vegan phothat was developed specifically for Griz pho diners.

Among other items on the menu are Vietnamese iced coffee, chả giò crispy pork roll, and 3 types of grilled meats served on rice plates. We are also working on future menu expanded items that will be added this semester. Items up for inclusion in the expanded Ui-Cha! menu are:

  • Vietnamese bánh mì submarine sandwiches,
  • Two types of fried rice,
  • Hot version of the Vietnamese coffee,
  • Additional drinks and smoothies, and
  • Day-of-the-week, limited quantity special dishes.

What is Ui-Cha!?

What is Ui-Cha! Pho and Ca-Phe and what does it mean? Well in Vietnamese ui-cha is an expression essentially meaning “wow!” or to describe a kind of fresh, pleasant surprise. Ui-Cha! is about freshness, great taste, authenticity and affordability. Here’s how to pronounce Ui-Cha!

Ui-Cha! pronunciation, Southern Vietnamese accent.

Vietnamese pho is currently one of the de facto comfort foods of choice across North America. Our parent company, Pho Destiny LLC, is bringing Ui-Cha! Vietnamese pho to university and college campuses. Ui-Cha! Phở and Cà-Phê venues follow strict Pho Destiny guidelines: high food quality and preparation standards, efficient operations, friendly customer service, modern and attractive dining experience.

And of course, no compromise on pho authenticity.

Our business philosophy is very simple.

  • We introduce great tasting, healthy and authentic Vietnamese pho and ca-phe to local diners,
  • We serve only fresh and safe ingredients, with professional, friendly and courteous service, and
  • We support local growers and suppliers, and farm-to-table food programs.

It should be pointed out that a similar expression which one may run into, úi chà, is normally used to exclaim “Well, well!” or “Oh, well!” and is definitely not Ui-Cha!

By the way, Cà-Phê means coffee in Vietnamese. It’s not a different take on cafe. Cà-Phê comes from Vietnam under colonial French influence for a hundred years.

Ui-Cha! front service area ready for business

Ui-Cha! front service area ready for business

Ui-Cha! iPad 2 POS order system

Ui-Cha! iPad 2 POS order system

So come out and support Ui-Cha! Pho and Ca-Phe. We’ll serve up some very hot tasty Vietnamese fare at great prices. By the way, look out for exclusive deals and promos by liking Ui-Cha! on Facebook (facebook.com/uichapho) and following on Twitter (@uichapho).

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